Tell me what your home is, and I’ll tell you who you are

Country housing, as well as urban apartments, needs regular maintenance and periodic maintenance. There are several types of repair of country houses, which have their own characteristics in comparison with the repair of urban housing.

Worst of all, if a country house is used as a dwelling only in the warm season. In this case, the plaster and wallpaper on the walls are covered with cracks much more actively than in the house in which they live throughout the year.

If you plan to get rid of cracks on the ceiling or just update the interior, it will be enough to do some cosmetic repairs. And it is done on the same principle as in a city apartment. It already depends on you: whether you will do it yourself or seek qualified help from a company engaged in the repair work of living quarters. However, in cosmetic repairs in a country house, you need to pay attention to some things.

If there is no heating system in the house, all repair work should be carried out only in the warm season.

If you decide to take the help of hired workers, and the house is far from the city, you need to solve the issue of living and feeding of workers during repairs.

When selecting materials for repair of housing without heating, it is necessary to take into account the humidity level, the material of which the house was built and the fact that the house “breathes”. It is best to seek the help of specialists with extensive experience in this field. To repair is not delayed for an indefinite period, you should not save on paid consultation.

During the preparation of the estimate for the repair of the house, do not forget to pay transport costs. And keep in mind that the rates for suburban transportation are much higher than for intraurban transportation. It is interesting that even with the purchase of materials in the market near the house, you still have to pay a decent amount for shipping.

When cosmetic repairs in a country house, special attention should be paid to the insulation of floors and walls. As practice shows, this work belongs to the category of uncomplicated ones. It can be done on its own. However, if you are not confident in your construction skills, it is better to hire workers with recommendations.

Before the beginning of this stage it is necessary to decide on the building materials. To facilitate your choice, you can read the recommendations on the Internet, consult with experts in shops or with friends. In addition to insulation, you must also purchase other necessary materials (drywall, lining, etc.). After that you can start working.

If your home needs to replace old communications or plug in new ones, completion, reconstruction, or simply there was a strong physical deterioration of the building, you will have to do a major overhaul.

Such a complex event as overhaul can not start without a list of materials for repairs, a project and a work plan. The development of the project is best entrusted to professionals. Only they can make a redevelopment of the house in accordance with its features. This will be a guarantee that the house will remain idle for many years and will not fall apart after the implementation of your design ideas.

The overhaul project will help you determine the materials necessary for repair. Replacement or podvodku communications is also best left to the professional construction engineers. Only they know and take into account the depth of groundwater and the depth of freezing of soil in your area. These factors are very important for the design of a year-round water pipe.


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